Independent Collateral Protection Insurance

Protecting Lenders and Investors

 Verisurance Insurance Kiosk

Captures the insurance at your dealership

Policy purchase at the time of sale is the first step in collateral risks management.

Verifacto offers the Verisurance kiosk as the first step to collateral insurance management. Your buyer can purchase a top shelf liability, comprehensive and collision coverage policy faster than you can complete the sales documents. The policy is then emailed to the dealer and the purchaser. If you use Verifacto, the policy information is automatically  uploaded to your tracking account.  

The second step is effectively tracking  the policies in your portfolio. 

Loan Insurance Status

Verifacto online insurance tracking is the answer to your challenges with insurance tracking.  It is extremely difficult to manage the insurance on even 100 loans.  Loan portfolios without automated tracking are typically has less than 50% insurance penetration.  Portfolios with Verifacto tracking typically have a penetration rate above 85%.

If you are a dealer with 400 or more loans, insurance tracking has become a full time job.  If you have hired someone to track insurance,  why not give them a tool to be more effective?

Bob Hawkins

We provide custom insurance and non-insurance solutions for in house auto dealers and auto finance companies.  We are committed to you, the dealer.  We meet personally with you to learn about the uniqueness of  your business.  Any agent can sell you a policy,  but few can help manage your risks in all aspects of your buy-here-pay-here operation.    Please contact us  if you would like to discuss how to protect your loan collateral from the  

                           hazard of your uninsured borrowers.